Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh Sunshiny Day - Here I Come!

It's another beautiful, warm, sunshiny day here in Eau Claire, WI!!!  I love it!  I think it's 79 degrees - the warmest yet.  And, I actually had the opportunity today to go out and enjoy it at lunch.  How lucky am I?  Oh, so very lucky!!!  I went on a 30 minute walk at lunch, listened to some tunes on my ipod, and tried to chill-ax, and soak in the sun.

There were lots of other people out enjoying the beautiful day as well:  bikers, runners, lunch time walkers...

At the end of my walk, I stopped at the Acoustic Cafe for a medium (unsweetened) iced tea.  Now that it's getting warmer you will realize that I LOVE iced tea.  I drink it all the time in the summer.

Comment:  On my way out of the office to go on my walk, one of the staff members (who was also heading out for a walk) said:  "Why are YOU going on a walk?  You don't need to lose any weight.  What's the point?"  Oh my!!!  This poor person thinks that a walk just = losing weight.  I told her that I was going on a walk because I wanted to be outside to enjoy the fresh air, AND that exercising isn't all about losing weight.  It's also about your body feeling good, and refreshing your mind!  Oh dear...


Rewind to lunch before my gorgeous walk... I brought a leftover grilled teriyaki chicken breast and couscous from last night's dinner, and had some carrots on the side.


Rewind even further to my morning snack.  I guess I'll just post my meals backwards to make it more interesting.  :)  I had a cup of grapes and a Fiber One Vanilla yogurt.


And what was for breakfast you ask?  Well, of course scrambled eggs, a whole wheat English muffin, and a glass of Almond milk!!!

A big thanks to Libby for leaving me a comment about how to make yummy oatmeal.  I do plan to give oatmeal another go using her recipe.  I'll be sure to post about it when I do!


This afternoon I have a banana and one of the Oatmeal Bars I made last night.  Even though they didn't taste wonderful, they still have a lot of super heart healthy ingredients.  I'm going to give this bar another go.  Maybe they taste better the next day, who knows.

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