Eau Claire Half Marathon 2010 (13 miles)
Sunday, May 2, 2010

~ Description, Race Route, and Training Schedule

~ Time:  1h 45m 36s, 8:04 minute miles

~ Place:  155th of 1234 runners

~ Reflection:  The 6 weeks of training I did completely paid off for this run.  I ran the entire 13 miles, and really paced myself.  My lungs/breathing were great the entire run.  I never got winded or any tight feelings in my chest.  My legs on the other hand started to ache and hurt by mile 10.  I pushed on though, trying to ignore the pain.  (Which I paid for later - it took two weeks for my left hamstring to heal up from whatever damage I did to it.)  The worst part of the run was the very end, where I realized that there was an incredibly steep hill I had to conquer before reaching the finish line.  I pushed myself up fighting off nausea the whole way up.  There were so many elements that made the run GREAT:  the course was beautiful, a great way to enjoy the natural sites of Eau Claire; the people who stood EVERYWHERE though the entire race to cheer us on, there was not one part of the course that didn't have people cheering for us; the weather was perfect - low humidity, cool, and sunny.  I was so pumped when I finished!  I am definitely going to do this run again next year.  The feeling of accomplishment I had held on for weeks!

RCU Charity Classic 10K, 2010 (6 miles)
Saturday, June 26, 2010

~ Time:  47minutes 31seconds, 7:39 minute miles

~ Place:  11th place out of 354 women, 68th place overall

~ Reflection:  HOT and HUMID!  This was a tough run, I'm not going to lie.  Though the run started at 8AM, the humidity was horribly thick (actually was foggy in some parts of the woods we ran through).  There was no wind, and no relief.  I did run the entire 6 miles, and I did much better than I ever have on this particular run, but I did not make my goal time which I had set at 45 minutes.  I struggled to breath the entire way, and really had to pace myself to make it through without stopping to walk.  The humidity just completely did a number on me.  Not a pleasant run, but still glad I did it! 

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