Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Cavities!

YAY!  No cavities today!  I had my 6-month cleaning at the dentist today, and I got an A+!  I have never had a cavity - knock on wood - and my bragging rights are still in tact. :D  I even got to pick out a cool purple toothbrush, and the GOOD kind of floss today - dental TAPE, as opposed to dental floss. 


Rewind to my 4:45AM workout this morning.  Whew.  It was a bit of a toughy for me.  I was NOT in the workout mode.  I woke up kind of in a daze when the alarm went off because I was dreaming (can't remember about what), and I never really broke through the fuzz until after my shower this morning.  I did 35 minutes on the treadmill, run/walk routine, jumping jacks, jump rope, push-ups, and two ab exercises.  I didn't push myself too hard this morning.  I just couldn't break the sleep spell.  Still no Ghost Whisperer DVD, so I watched an X-Files episode instead.  (I think the new Twilight movie, New Moon, is on it's way!  YAY! :D  Yes, I am a Twilight freak.  I'm sure with my other stated interests on this blog that it's a given.)  :)

Breakfast this morning was my usual (I had OJ this morning, not almond milk).  I almost ate the entire plate of food before remembering to take a picture.  Mornings are pretty busy for me, and I tend to go from one task to another quickly.  Forgive me if I forget to get pics.


You must have known that after my dentist appointment I had to stop at Starbucks!  I used my trusty refillable gift card to get me a cup o' joe.

Put my coffee in my new travel mug which is a Thermos Thermax brand.  WOW, this thing keeps your coffee HOT for hours and hours!  I burned my tongue twice yesterday waiting for it to cool down!


I snacked on some red grapes and a Fiber One vanilla yogurt around 10:30AM.  YUMMY!


No lunch meetings today!  YAY!  Plus, it's kind of cold outside so no walking either.  I decided to stay at work, have lunch at my desk, and read some of my book - Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I'm basically doinglast night's dinner all over again for lunch today - leftover grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and those delicious, roasted brussel sprouts!

Time to read and eat!

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