Thursday, March 25, 2010

Special Wine Delivery

I had a special delivery at work today from the Amazing Clubs Fulfillment Center.  Carl and I are in the Amazing Clubs Wine Club - a gift from Carl's mom and dad.  We receive two bottles of wine every month.  I have them sent here at work because delivery requires a signature - and we are never home when the delivery comes. :)

It's always exciting to find out what kind of wine we've received!  Today's shipment included a 2008 Benedetta Chianti from the Bendetta Winery in Tuscany, Italy (oooooo!), and a 2008 Stone Briar Sauvignon Blanc from the Stone Briar Vineyards in Central Coast, CA.

Amazing Clubs even puts out a wine newsletter - A Bunch of Grapes - which gives details about the wineries and explains how the wines taste.  Pretty cool!

2008 Benedetta Chianti:
~ "focused taste of cherry flavors...lively bouquet...great with pizza and salad...a classic red."

2008 Stone Briar Sauvignon Blanc:
~ "melon, guava and kiwi medl with honey-filled beeswax...scent of freshly-mown grass...zesty citrus displays...dry crisp flavors of tropical fruit."  (That's a mouthful, literally!)

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