Friday, March 26, 2010

Friend, Food, Fun at Stella's

Here's a little recap of my and Suzie's girls evening out at Stella Blues last night.  Suzie and I try and get together to chat and catch up with each other at least a couple of times a month for dinner.  We do lunch often, but we always feel so rushed to get back to the office on time.  Dinner out makes for a nice atmosphere and plenty of talk time for us.

Last night we headed to Stella Blues - a cool restaurant and bar that focuses mostly on cajun style food.  Something I love! (Though, I didn't order any cajun food?!)

Suzie and I settled in, and we each ordered Suzie's fav drink at Stella's which is a Ginger Snapped!
(vanilla vodka and ginger ale - this turned out to be a very good drink!)

Knowing that I was probably going to get something like a burger - I ordered a side salad so I could get some good veggies in my dinner.  This was something they called the Madison Salad.  I ordered Raspberry vinegarette as my dressing (on the side).

In my attempt to try and eat a "modestly healthy" dinner tonight.  I ordered a veggie burger, with pepper jack cheese, and (I had to do it) sweet potato fries.  The sweet potato fries are to die for!  I mean, they are sweet potatoes, which is a very healthy veggie, right?

Suzie ordered a black bean burger with sweet potato fries... here's her burger.

My veggie burger was tasty, but it was not as wonderful as the Walnut Burger at Haymarket Grill.  That is hands down, still, my most fav veggie burger in town.

So, after chatting it up and eating our burgers we still had some catching up to do, and it was just so darn nice to be together.  We ended up ordering a beer each.... then we were hungry again.  And, we asked for the dessert menu.  Big mistake.  Of course we ordered dessert!!!!  In my defense, I haven't ordered or had desert in several weeks. 

I had the pecan pie with homemade vanilla bean ice cream.  And, it was worth every...single...bite.  YUMMY!

After this decadence, we headed home for the night.  Now, I kind of over did it on the calories at Stella's.  I wasn't planning on ordering dessert, or fries for that matter.  I know it's okay to indulge every now and then, and I didn't and don't feel guilty over it.  But, I am probably going to tone down my dinner out at Mona Lisa's on Saturday night after all.  I'm going to forego the cheese tortellini dish, and get something "modestly healthy," and I will probably have a glass of red wine or two as opposed to mixed drinks or beer.  I'm okay with that.  :)

Great night out!  Thanks Suz!

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