Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brussel Sprouts?!


I need to throw in here that I did indulge in an extra snack this afternoon.  I had a bowl of kettle corn popcorn -95% fat free that my friend Brittany gave me.  She popped a bag, and could only have one serving according to her diet (LA Weightloss), so she gave me the other serving.  Mmmmm.  Popcorn really hit the spot this afternoon.


I picked up a few new items on my grocery shopping trip this evening.  I normally get Prego Heart Smart Spaghetti Sauce, but I scanned the shelves and did some comparisons with sugars, sodium, and carbs.  Prego was still pretty darn good in those catagories, but Muir Glen Organic pasta sauce was slightly better.

It's about 10mg less in sodium, 5g less in sugars, and had about 20 calories less from fat than Prego.  Again, they were fairly comparable, but it's always good to try something new.  We'll see how this tastes.

Another new grocery item I got tonight was Pepperidge Farm Harvest Wheat Crackers.  There is no partially hydrogenated anything in the ingredient list, and the nutrition stats are pretty good.  Plus, they are whole wheat.  Carl likes to eat peanutbutter crackers a lot, so I need to make sure I have healthy crackers on hand for him.

And.... I saved the best for last... I got BRUSSEL SPROUTS!  I have never in my life eaten a brussel sprout, and have been of the mind of most that they are gross and disgusting veggies.  But, I've been hearing a lot about how they good they are, from Food Network shows, roasted in the oven.  Today, I even read a post by Tina from Carrot's n' Cake about how she prepared brussel sprouts for dinner this week - roasted with pesto.  She must have inspired me because when I happened to see them at the store tonight, I figured I should give them a try.  How daring of me!!!

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Libby said...

I love brussel sprouts and now I must look for a recipe to ROAST them! Yum!

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