Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eating Out

I feel like I've been eating out a lot lately - more than I have been during my current maintenance period, and more than I did while being on my diet.  It seems like there's been a lot of lunch dates/meetings going on, plus dinners out with family and friends.  I've been doing my best to be sensible, and order healthier options.  I especially try to stick with the most healthiest options I can at lunches out, and go out on a limb to what I call "modestly healthy" when choosing my dinner entrees.  I completely understand and believe in that sometimes you just have to splurge, and get what you want to eat.  Hey, live a little, right?  But, when I catch myself eating out a lot (several times over a two week period), I start getting a little freaked out.  Why?  Because even though what I THINK I'm ordering at a restaurant is PROBABLY healthy, there is really no way for me to know truly what is in the dish and how it's made.  I didn't make it.  Plus, I worry about getting out of control - thinking "it's okay to splurge, I'm eating out, it's special..."  It's not good for me to get into that line of thinking at all.

I still have two more times that I will be eating out this week.  I have dinner planned with Suzie tomorrow night, and also dinner with Brittany and Natalie on Saturday night.  I've been pretty diligent this week with eating healthy, and not snacking needlessly to prep for these dinners.  (I did have that cookie yesterday, and some tortilla chips last night, but that is it!)  The question is, do I get what I really want at these dinners, or do I choose healthier options?  I'm just not sure.

I don't know where Suzie and I are going to dinner tomorrow night, so there's a possibility that I can choose a healthier place to eat or a healthy entree.  Any suggestions on where we should go???

But, on Saturday night, we are going to one of my fav restaurants, Mona Lisa's.  There is one dish on the menu that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  It's cheese tortellini with prosciutto, sugar snap peas, all in creamy white sauce.  It is heaven, and LOADED with fat and calories.  When I go to Mona Lisa's I have no will power against this dish.  Should I go for it, or force myself to choose something else?



You know who this is... said...

I will slap you in the neck if you order that dish!!! Eat healthy Nancy!!!

Kim said...

If you never indulge in the things you enjoy, I think it's easy to fall off the plan. Make some compromises...if you can have a good healthy dinner tomorrow, that'll help in indulging on Saturday. And start with a salad. And just because you get the dish you love, it doesn't mean you have to eat every bite. Let that salad help fill you up...have a snack before dinner if it will help. Remember to eat slowly, savor each bite. You may find you don't have room for all of the dish.

Libby said...

Here's the other thing with the eating out....So I get the delicious SPLURGE meal at Mona's and I decide I just won't eat it all or I can't eat it all in one sitting. Then....I have leftovers! And I am eating the SPLURGE meal twice! Ahhhhh.

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