Thursday, July 15, 2010


Long time no blog!?

So, I am back, again.  I don't think I've posted since April (right after my birthday in fact).  No, don't worry... I haven't fallen off of the wagon o' health or anything like that.  As I've explained to my friends and family, blogging became overwhelming for me so to speak.  I did it to myself.  When I start something new, I tend to go at it full force instead of taking my time and easing into things.  But, after having some time from blogging (okay 2 months too long), I think that I can figure out some kind of manageable blog schedule for myself.  A big thanks to Libby for helping me see the light on this.  So, I may blog daily, or just a couple times a week.  But, I'm not going to be blogging 3-4 times a day anymore.  It's great to be back blogging!  I've missed it so!

While I've been "gone," I've run in two races here in Eau Claire:  the Eau Claire Half Marathon in May, and the RCU Charity Classic in June.  Check out my Run/Races page to find out how I did on those runs.  I have another run coming up in September:  The Buck Shot Run, a 5 mile run that benefits Special Olympics!  Fun and Rewarding!

Sadly, another thing that has gone by the wayside along with blogging is picture taking!!!  I swiped a photo that my friend Suzie posted the other day to jazz up this post.  We had prepared a divine picnic (including chilled wine) to have at Phoenix Park.  Here I am with our bountiful spread:  moroccan, couscous with grilled chicken; brie and crackers; fruit; chocolate chip cookies from Harmony Corner Cafe (to die for); chilled chardonnay.  Great times!

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