Monday, March 22, 2010

A Better Monday

Today is a good day!  The last two weeks have been so crazy and overwhelming at work, but today I have been able to relax and regroup.  It's very refreshing!  Just look how much I've gotten marked off of my TO DO list!  These are just things I HAD to get done today, I've of course had so much more happening in-between these lovely projects.


I got up bright (well, dark actually) and early this morning at 4:45AM to take Vlad on his walk.  It was really cold (in the 20s), and I bundled up to go out.  I held my head down so my chin and mouth were covered with my parka the whole walk.  I probably should have brought along a scarf.  Vlad and I walked about 30 minutes, and I listened to a Fresh Air NPR podcast on Telling the Story of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq with Terry Gross interviewing journalist Kelly Kennedy who was embedded with Charlie Company's 26th Infantry Regiment in 2007.  Very, very interesting stuff, and sad.

Breakfast this morning was the usual, scrambled eggs, whole wheat English muffin, and a small glass of OJ.  YUM!  I never get tired of this breakfast! 


When I got to work, I immediately posted, right by my computer, the article I ripped out of my Health magazine yesterday on Back Pain?  9 Ways to Stop It.  (Even as I'm typing now, I'm sitting incorrectly!  Sigh.  I should not sit and type with my legs crossed.) 

Here are the tips that I really NEED to follow:

~ Keep your head up.
~ Move your mouse close to you.
~ Be choosy with your chair:  lower back rests against a lumbar support.
~ Breathe from your belly:  engages your core muscles
~ Sit within reach:  arms length away from the monitor
~ Plant your feet on the floor.
~ Take breaks:  get up at least once an hour
~ Stretch your shoulders:  roll them back and square them over your hips
~ Find the right angle: knees bent at 90 degrees

Things I should NOT do:

~ Squint and strain or lean over
~ Cross my legs!!!!
~ Cradle the phone between shoulder and ear - murder on your neck!!!

Help me!!!  I really need to follow these, because my back is killing me!


I ended up eating my morning snack a little later than normal because I was busy distributing some letters.  When I finally sat down, I had some honeydew melon and grapes, and a Fiber One vanilla yogurt.


Today I had errands to run at lunch.  I ate a salad that I made at home last night, and had a Honey Crisp apple with peanut butter...

then I headed out to do my errands.  I had to pick up the contacts I ordered from my eye doctor appt. last week, and I wanted to see if Borders had a book I read about one of my New Yorker mags.

A year's worth of contacts... pricy suckers.  Thank goodness for the H.S.A. account.

Borders didn't have my book!  I was a little disappointed.  I consoled myself by the reminder that I have a zillion books to read at home already, not to mention the two I'm in the middle of reading.  Still, I was in the mood for this particular book:  My French Life, by Vicki Archer.

Here's the blurb on the book...

In 1999 Vicki Archer made a lifelong dream a reality when she moved into a seventeenth-century property in Saint-Remy-de-Provence with her husband and three children. She spent three years lovingly restoring the farmhouse, bringing back to life the abandoned apple and pear orchards and planting an olive grove of more than two thousand trees. In ‘My French Life’ Vicky shares an insider’s view of France, telling her personal tale of taking risks, facing challenges and falling in love with all things French. Intertwined with Vicki’s words are lavish photographs by Carla Coulson, which reveal the essence of instinctive French style.

Cover from Amazon...

Too bad they didn't have it on hand in the store.  I'll have to add it to my Amazon wish list... my birthday is coming up soon, hmmmm.  I love travel narrative books.  And, I especially love books about France and French living.  My maiden name is French (Le Compte), and my father's side descended from Cajun French.

To console myself further, I got a coffee from Borders.  It was free though.  I had a coupon for a free beverage that was going to expire today.  So, I guess my trip was worth it after all.


My afternoon snack was a banana.  My salad and apple really filled me up, which is great!

Time for a workout and dinner!

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