Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vanilla Sparkle Heaven!

YAY!  Brittany surprised me with an early birthday gift - a Vanilla Sparkle cupcake from the best cupcake bakery in the whole world... Dessert First!  She remembered that my favorite cupcake from Dessert First is Vanilla Sparkle.  YUMMY!!!

Can you see the sugar sparkles on top of the delicious icing???!!!

At lunch, after I did a 30 minute walk, I stopped and got a Hazelnut Creme flavored coffee (no cream, no sugar, just black) to go with my Vanilla Sparkle cupcake.

Vanilla Sparkle cupcake + Hazelnut Creme coffee = Heaven  :)

So naughty, but it IS for my birthday.  Thank you Brittany!!!

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