Saturday, February 27, 2010

A late dinner...

Carl had to work late tonight, he had a couple of offers to write for some clients.  He's a real estate agent with Edina Realty.  So, we had dinner around 7:30PM tonight, which is a little later than normal.  I whipped up something easy, but healthy.

Honey mustard chicken "bites" over brown rice, with roasted veggies.
Ingredients:  olive oil, boneless chicken breasts, brown rice, honey, mustard, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots

I diced the veggies, put them in a baking dish, and seasoned them with a couple of yummy seasonings from my cabinet (no salt though, I rarely use salt in my cooking and try to avoid it if possible).  Then, I tossed the veggies in some extra virgin olive oil, and put them in the oven to bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

I cut the chicken breasts into little pieces, and sauteed them over medium heat in olive oil and seasonings for about 15 minutes.  Then, I mixed 1/4 cup honey and 1/4 cup mustard together and poured it over the chicken, which I took off of the heat.

I also enjoyed a handful of peanuts while all of this was going on.

Then, dinner was served.  This is my plate.  I gave Carl all of the broccoli because he doesn't like cauliflower.

We usually try and relax on Saturday nights.  Even though I don't have to work on the weekend, Carl usually does.  He says that being a real estate agent means being "a man of the people," and when the people need you, they need you.  He usually has open houses and house showing appointments throughout the weekend.  So kicking back and relaxing on Saturday night is a real treat for him.  We usually watch TV shows that we've DVRed during the week, or a movie.  Tonight I think he's going to watch Fight Science

For a yummy, relaxing snack I made us both hot chocolate.  I used Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate for my cup.

It is surprisingly good for being diet!  It's not really sweet like a lot of hot chocolates.  I would rather taste the cocoa than just a bunch of sugar.  Plus, it only has 25 calories and 2g of sugar!  I make it with a cup of heated skim milk.

My cup....

Carl had Land o' Lakes Mint Hot Chocolate.  And, a shot of Kahlua. ;)

Now, time to suggle on the couch with a blankie, and read my book.  Ahhhhh.

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