Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Great Afternoon...

This afternoon, Vlad and I decided it was nice enough outside to take a walk around the neighborhood.  Winter in Wisconsin is pretty brutal in my opinion, and I rarely take walks until the temperature regularly rises above 30 degrees, and a good amount of snow has melted from the streets and sidewalks.  Today it was sunny and almost 40 degrees!  A heat wave!  So Vlad and I headed out to get some fresh air.

And we walked...

I listened to a podcast while we walked.  I download a lot of podcasts for dog walking.  The one I listened to today was a weekly podcast from the SETI Institute about how the programs at NASA, and space exploration in general, are doing with the cuts to the budget.  Pretty interesting.

This particular neighborhood walk takes about 30 minutes.  We stop every now and then for Vlad to sniff on things along the way.  I usually don't count my dog walks as a workout.  It's not very vigorous, and with all of the stopping and starting for Vlad, you don't get a true BURN going on.  I like to let Vlad's walks be for Vlad and his enjoyment, and my enjoyment being with him.  They are active though, and every little bit helps!

When we got home, we opened our new National Geographic magazine for March!  YAY!

And I had my 3:00 snack (at 4PM really), which was a sliced Honeycrisp apple.  YUM!

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Kim said...

mmm...honeycrisp apples are the best!

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