Friday, April 9, 2010

Dead Sea Scrolls!

Another wonderful birthday present from Carl was taking me on Thursday to see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum in St. Paul, MN.  This exhibit has been at the Science Museum since mid-March, and runs through October.  Click here to find out more about the Minnesota Science Museum and here to find out more about the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit.  I was so excited that he took me to see the Dead Sea Scrolls!  I really wanted to see this exhibit.  I mean, come on!  I'm sure there are only a couple (maybe just one!) chances in your life to see ACTUAL Dead Sea Scrolls in person!  What a huge historical opportunity!

It was too bad that I was not allowed to take any photos of the exhibit.  Photography (and cell phones for that matter) were not allowed due to the sensitivity of the scrolls.  I did get some shots of us walking into the museum and to the exhibit though.

Where we parked "bear level"- heading in to the museum.

Cool tile wall.

Carl forgot his cell phone in the car, had to go back to get it.

Earth floor.

Entrance to exhibit.

No food, cameras or phones allowed.  How will we survive?

The exhibit was awesome, and awe-inspiring as well.  I really liked how they took you back to Qumran, where most of the scrolls were found, and explained what life was like 2,000 years ago when the scrolls were probably written, who was involved in finding, selling, and studying the scrolls over time, what the theories are on on the scrolls, how they got there, and why they were written, etc.  It's truly fascinating.  The exhibit is really a lot of information to digest.  We went in around 10:45AM, and left the museum at noon.  So if you go, plan for at least an hour just for the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit.  Wonderful!

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