Friday, March 5, 2010


YAY!  I'm sooooo glad it's Friday!  You don't even understand.  This week has been insane, and I am so ready for some R & R, and to spent some time with my pup!!!  I do have to go to an event Sunday night - The Children's Museum of Eau Claire Hollywood Fundraising Event - but it should be filled with food, fun, and drinks, of course.

The weather today has been heavenly!  Spring is definitely in the air.  I think we reached 45 degrees!  I even went out to run an errand at lunch today without my wool coat on - LOVED IT!  Come on spring! 

While I'm waiting on "spring," here's a run down of today...

*** Today is a REST DAY

5:00AM:  30 minute walk with Vlad (though it turned warm today, it was COLD at this time, brrrrrr)

7:00AM:  Breakfast - scrambled eggs, whole wheat english muffin (different brand this time, Sara Lee instead of Thomas, pretty tasty) with Smart Balance Spread, one small glass of orange juice.

Coffee Time!

10:00AM:  Morning Snack - grapes and strawberries AND had the Fage plain greek yogurt with some granola tossed in...

couple comments here:
- I like the Fage brand BETTER than the Chobani brand.  A bit smoother, and not gritty. 
- The serving sizes of both the Fage and the Chobani brands are too big for me.  I don't feel like I can save what I don't eat either because the top is a peel off... hmmm
- Though I liked the Fage better, it still had a really tart taste that I'm not sure I can manage all the time.  I think this may be a yogurt that I have every now and then to mix things up.

12:30PM:  Lunch - salad that I prepped the same as last night's salad (did both of them at the same time), and one honey crisp apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter

3:00PM:  Afternoon snack - 1 banana

5:15PM:  30 minute walk with Vlad.  He needed to get out, and so did I.

6:30PM:  Dinner - lean beef tacos (soft and hard shells) with corn and a side salad.  Carl and I usually only put a little cheddar cheese on our tacos and taco sauce.  I had two tacos (both soft shell) and Carl had 3 (two hard shell, one soft).  There are usually plenty of leftovers with this dinner, that Carl eats for lunch the next day.

Carl and I are just gonna chill tonight.  I really need to get some reading done!  I have two books that I'm in the middle of, and I'm way behind on my New Yorker Magazines, not to mention I got a new National Geographic mag, and National Geographic Traveler mag in the mail this week, AND I have a Bark magazine (those of you who love dogs, the Bark ROCKS!) waiting to be devoured as well!  Not enough time!

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