Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Projects

Happy Sunny, Saturday from Altoona, WI!  It's another beautiful day today outside with a high of 45 degrees.  I just came inside from standing on the deck in the sunshine.  Today has been a busy day, filled with the normal Saturday routine, as well as a couple of fun projects...

I got up pretty early for a Saturday - 6:05AM.  I just couldn't sleep anymore for some reason.  I made some coffee, and started some laundry.  Carl took Vlad on a hike as soon as he got up, so I made some breakfast then settled in to do some reading this morning.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, a whole wheat english muffin with smart balance spread, a small glass of orange juice, and a handful of grapes.

I am behind on so many magazines right now, and I barely got any reading done before Carl and Vlad returned.  I did cruise through today's newspaper, a new publication that we got in the mail the other day - The Eau Claire Journal, and I read one super long article in one of the four New Yorker mags I have yet to get through.  Whew!

Around 8:30AM (yeah, when you get up super early you have the whole day ahead of you and then some), I started the house cleaning.  After, I took time to give Vlad a much deserved snack!  He's such a good boy!

Then, it was time for MY snack.  Today, I tried one of the Yoplait Greek yogurts - vanilla flavor.  I was pleased, finally.  Though still a bit tart, the flavor was not as pronounced as the Chobani or Fage brands.  And, the consistency was less pasty and gritty - actually no grit at all.  I could eat this yogurt! 

I also had a banana.  Then, I was ready to get my workout on! 

Today, I pushed myself a little harder than usual.  I did 45 minutes run/walk on the treadmill - 25 min running, and 20 minutes power walking.  I ran at 6.5 mph instead of 6.4, and walked at 4.4 mph instead of 4.3.  Great workout!  I also did about 10 minutes of strength training after my treadmill run.  I felt really great today - must have been the sunshine.  PLUS, I finished up Bleak House.  Great movie! 

Next up for workout viewing is the first season of Ghost Whisperer.  I've seen a couple of episodes of this show on tv, and it's pretty good.  I thought I would give it a try.

I worked on some scrapbooking later in the afternoon.  This is a project that I have been putting off for a while, but I needed to catch up and start the 2010 memory book.

I could only handle two hours of organizing little scraps of paper.  I needed a snack after this!  I cut up some fresh strawberries I got at the market this week, and had a handful of peanuts. (I put some of the strawberries in a container for a snack tomorrow.)

Going to be meeting up with my mother-in-law, Elaine in about half an hour!  Hopefully will be spending a relaxing Saturday night.

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