Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today...So Many Things

I made the comment to Carl this morning - "I am SO tired of rushing around all the time!"  Rushing around is definitely not balanced in any way, shape or form!  I was informed by Carl that this was "life" and to deal.  :P

Today was a day of so many things to do....

I woke up with the alarm at 4:45AM, and hit the treadmill for a 35 minute run/walk routine.  I also did some jumping jacks, jump rope, a couple ab exercises, and some push-ups.  And, I finished up the second disc of Ghost Whisperer - I hope the next one is on the way!


Breakfast this morning was the norm except that I had run out of English muffins.  I substituted a whole grain Arnold Sandwich Thin instead.

I worked on my to-do list for today while I ate breakfast (this list grew by the way with work items when I got to my desk... sheesh!)

Snack time

I paused for my morning snack around 10:30AM:  grapes and honeydew melon, and a Fiber One yogurt.

CVSHRM Lunch Meeting

At 11:15, I boogied out of of the office to head to my CVSHRM meeting (Chippewa Valley Society for Human Resource Management).  My friend Laura and I go to these monthly meetings that provide us with lunch and a stimulating presentation on a Human Resource topic.  Today's meeting presentation was The Distinctive Difference:  Achieving Customer Service Excellence, by Scott Niedfeldt from Development Associates USA.

I had to put on my name tag for the meeting, networking ya know...

Lunch today was... take a guess.... TACOS!  I couldn't believe it.  Carl and I had just had tacos last night.  I switched it up a little with Laura's advice, and made a taco salad with the fixings available:

- Crushed hard taco shell
- Chicken
- Diced tomato
- Shredded lettuce
- Guacamole
- Mexican rice
- Cheddar Cheese

Here's my concoction.

BTW, I had to do some explaining about my blog to the 8 people at my table when I whipped out my camera to take a picture of my plate.  It was kind of funny... some people were fascinated, others were perplexed.

The presentation was okay.  Scott's presentation skills were a little stand-offish at first.  But, once he wasn't using his notes to talk to us (he literally did not print out all of his notes for the presentation, he was shocked when he ran out of notes and still had about 10 slides to go, must have ran out of paper when he printed them) he really became more personable.  I guess losing his notes was a blessing in diguise! :)

On the way back to the office from the meeting, I stopped and got a Starbucks coffee - well, it was RIGHT THERE, I couldn't NOT get one!  I just got a tall, black coffee.

More snacks

Around 3PM, I chowed on my afternoon snack - a banana and a Quaker Chocolate Chunk Lowfat granola bar.

Grocery & BONES!

Going grocery shopping tonight, and then it's BONES time!!!!!  Yes, a new episode of BONES airs tonight on FOX.  I can't wait.  BONES is hands down my most favorite TV show.  I wish I was as smart as Dr. Temperance Brennen - forensic anthropologist extraordinaire!  :D  I'm not sure what dinner will be quite yet, but it may be grilled chicken breasts if I can get Carl to help me put the grill back out on the deck.  Otherwise, we may have spaghetti.

By the way, here's my grocery list for today:

Banannas (2 bunches)

Broccoli (coupon!)
Oranges (coupon!)
Spring mix lettuce
Feta Cheese
Lean Ground Beef 3pks
Chicken Breasts 2pks (coupon!)
Sirloin Steak
English Muffins
Wheat Bread
Peanut Butter (coupon!)
Boboli Pizza
Bacon 2pks (coupon!)
Taco Mix
Corn Tortillas
Soy sauce
Minute Rice (Brown)
Starbucks Coffee (coupon!)
Dried Cranberries
Garlic Powder
Onion powder
Syrup (Archer Farms)
Granola Bars (Oats & Honey) (coupon!)
Granola Bars (protein)
Kashi Granola Bars (coupon!)
Pretzels (coupon!)
Tortilla Chips (wheat)
Yogurt (Fiber 1) (coupon!)
TP (coupon!)
Milk (skim ea.)
Silk Almond Milk
Tropicana 50
Eggs 2pks

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