Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Buzz

Greetings All!

Guess what?!  I am now a Featured Publisher for foodbuzzI'm so excited! :D

Foodbuzz is a food blog community that combines a social network for foodies with search and discovery for everyone. Foodbuzz's website is a place in which I can route my blog posts to grow my readership and meet new foodie friends.  Here's a blurb from foodbuzz...

We aggregate, organize and curate nearly 2 Million blog posts from 10,000 food blogs worldwide. We bring high-quality, real-time food content into the spotlight. We partner with more than 3,000 food bloggers to provide a platform for growing their blogs, monetizing their traffic, and fostering foodie camaraderie and community around our shared passion for food and dining. We also partner with hundreds of brands to provide smart and innovative advertising solutions via branding, sponsorship, and engagement programs.

After creating a profile for my blog on foodbuzz, meeting some fellow foodies, and checking out other food and fitness blogs, I decided to go a little deeper with foodbuzz and sign up to be in their Featured Publisher program.

Featured Publishers are Foodbuzz partner bloggers featured around the site. They're passionate about sharing experiences and expertise in cooking, recipes, photography, and more.

You'll see my Featured Publisher tag on my home blog page now, as well as an ad from foodbuzz.  One of my jobs as a Featured Publisher is to commit to contributing and nurturing the food blogging community through providing information about food, dining, lifestyle,etc. through my blog!!!  That is exactly what I do right now!  How cool is that!? :D

Foodbuzz offers me in return:
- Quality Advertising solutions
- Greater Online Exposure
- Increased Traffic to my blog
- Opportunities to attend foodie events around the country

AND, best of all, a chance to be in their Tastemaker Outreach Program!!!!  Through this program, I'll receive food / kitchen items catered to my lifestyle and tastes (based on my blog content) to sample and review.  I'll be posting on these items when I receive them, what they are, how I use them, and will provide a little commentary on how I did or did not like the products.  Pretty cool! 

Foodbuzz paperwork - I had to sign a contract!

I really joined this community because it's so fun, and it's totally in line with what my blog is all about. 

Thanks foodbuzz for letting me be a part of the foodie community!  And, thanks to all of you for reading my blog, and making this possible!  :)

Fun stuff!

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