Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweater Stone Review

So, this is not necessarily health related, but I thought this was an interesting product...

For Christmas, I received a "sweater stone" as gift.  I had never heard of a sweater stone - didn't even know what it was for.  I soon found out after reading the package that you use it to get the little fuzz balls off of your knit sweaters.  It's supposed to make them look new again.  It's a pumice stone that you literally drag down your sweater and collect the fuzz balls, tear them off of the stone and drag again, and again, until your sweater is fuzz free.

I planned to wear a black cardigan sweater over my dress for the Opera, and decided to try it out as the sweater had seen better days.  I followed the directions and dragged the stone (hesitantly at first down the front of my black sweater.  I collected some fuzz, just like it said I would...

I know it's probably hard to tell, but if you look closely you can see a difference in the sweater.  It took off off of the fuzz balls.  The left side is the finished, non fuzz side.  It even took off those knarly fuzz balls that you get under your arms from the back and forth motion of swinging your arms.

Here is all the fuzz that came off.

One thing I should warn you about though, is that the pumice stone leaves some stone residue or little flakes that you will need to shake out of your sweater.  Here's what I collected on the counter, after shaking...

Pretty cool product!  I wear lots of sweaters and this will come in handy!

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