Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring-y Sunday

Today feels like the first day of spring!  It's 60 degrees out there!  I love it!!!!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Vlad is panting from being hot.... GREAT!  I hope this weather sticks around, and spring becomes official.

Right now, we are relaxing a bit before dinner, but earlier today was a whirlwind of do, do, do.  First off, I woke up thinking it was 7AM, when it was really 8AM!  I had completely forgotten about daylight savings time today.  So, I was already off to a late start. 

After changing all of the clocks in the house, I made us pancakes and bacon for breakfast.
On our plates: 
- 3 pieces of bacon each
- pancakes (I have two, Carl has 2.5 or 3 usually)
- maple syrup
- Smart Balance spread
- Almond milk for me, and skim milk for Carl

After breakfast, we headed to one of our favorite chill-ax places on a Sunday morning - Borders Books.  We picked out a few magazines and the newspaper to read, and settled at a table with our coffee.  I looked at Body and Soul, Fitness, and Eating Well magazines.  I'm starting to really like Body and Soul, and I'm thinking about getting a subscription.  They do a nice job with covering fitness, holistic health, and organic options.  (I need another subscription like I need a hole in the head though...)

After Borders, we hit some shops:  Pier One, the AT&T cell phone store, Scheels All Sports, Play It Again Sports, Eddie Bauer, Famous Footwear, and Hallmark.  I was exhausted (and really hungry) by the time I got home.  The banana I had at Borders was long gone.  When we finally got home, I made myself and Carl egg sandwiches on our Arnold Multi-Grain sandwich thins, with cheddar cheese.  Yum.

I really liked the sandwich thin.  Carl was right about regular slices of bread just being too much.  This was the perfect size.  I also enjoyed some OJ and a Red Delicious apple.

After lunch I unpacked all of the new dishes I bought at Pier One.  They were having a 25% off white dishes sale.  I've decided to go simple, and have all white dishes.  The red ones I currently have never really matched our new house anyway. 

At Scheels I decided to get a new water bottle.  I'm jumping on the stainless steel water bottle band wagon. 

These Klean Kanteen's claim to be the real deal - made of food-grade quality stainless steel, won't dent, BPA free, and kinder to the environment than plastic water bottles.  They had an interesting insert about their story in the bottle.

We could not pass up this beautiful day without enjoying it outside, so Carl and I took Vlad on a walk by the train tracks.  He walked clean through every mud puddle along the way...

We came home and cleaned up the yard a little too:  picking up dog poop (yuck, somehow that ended up being my job), sweeping the driveway and the garage, and raking in a few spots.

Now we're relaxing with some funky music and having a beer and some cheese and crackers as a treat.  We're drinking New Glarus Brewing Co. Spotted Cow beer, made in New Glarus, WI.

Our fancy cheeses had gone bad!  So, we had to throw them out and settle for Laughing Cow 50% less fat swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese.  Still tasty.

Now I'm off to do a couple more chores and make dinner.  We're having a Boboli pizza tonight with lean ground beef and skim milk mozzarella cheese, with side salads.  Back to the grind tomorrow.  Going to enjoy the rest of Sunday.


Libby said...

I love my Kleen Kanteen....although mine does have a small dent, but too be fair, I dropped it from the top of my locker at the Y to the tiled floor.

Sheila said...

I like the water bottle...hinthint....

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