Monday, March 8, 2010

A Night at the Oscars with CMEC!

So last night, my friend Kari and I went to a swanky fundraising event put on by our local children's museum, the Children's Museum of Eau Claire.  The event is called "Hollywood," and I think this is its 4th year as a fundraiser for this organization.  It's held at our local country club, and is supposed to simulate a night at the Academy Awards.  Dress is semi-formal, there IS a red carpet, and actual paparazzi at the door taking your picture as you walk in to the country club.  The whole dining room is transformed into a dazzling array of color, flowers, glitz and glamour.  There are two big screens showing the live broadcast of the Oscars, and both a live and silent auction throughout the night.  And I must tell you, the food is to die for!  Though there are only heavy snacky items on the grand buffet, each little morsel is a bit of heaven.

Why did I go to this event? 
- Because it's fun.
- Because I used to be involved with this organization before it opened, and as a board member.
- And, because the firm I work for was one of the sponsors of the event.

Here's me all dressed up before the event...

Beautiful tablescape!  And, reserved for me!


Mmmmm, popcorn!  These different popcorns were to die for - caramel covered, strawberry shortcake covered, chedder cheese covered, and while chocolate covered popcorn.  I only had a few of the white chocolate covered, but I could have taken the whole bowl!!!!

This was my first plate of tidbits (and first glass of cabernet):  Popcorn salad (sweet and salty, I'm not sure what kind of dressing was on it), a fig wrapped in bacon (yum), and a veggie filled pastry (also yum).

My second plate of tidbits (still on the first glass of wine, only had two):  another veggie pastry, another fig wrapped bacon, and some fruit kabobs w/ cheese.  This is really all I ate at the party.  Remember, I had made myself and Carl a healthy dinner at home, knowing that I would just have a few samples at the event.

Me and Jill!  Sassy!

Me and Kari, extra sassy! 
Don't worry, I was home and in bed by 9:30PM.  I'm a good girl.

A special night!  If you're interested in knowing more about the Children's Museum of Eau Claire, click on this link, CMEC.  It's a very cool place, and near and dear to my heart.

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