Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guys & Dolls, Need to Eat

Tonight, my friend Kari and I are going to see a play, Guys & Dolls, at our local State Theater.  Should be pretty awesome.  It'll be nice to chill for a while.  This week has certainly turned into a crazy one.  Thanks goodness tomorrow is Friday!

Let's get to it shall we.... recap for today:

5:00AM:  WORKOUT - 35 minute run/walk on the treadmill, jumping jax, jump rope, and two ab exercises.  Coming along on Bleak House - should be done by the end of the weekend.

7:00AM:  Breakfast - scrambled eggs, 1 piece whole wheat toast with Smart Balance Spread, 1 small glass of OJ (Trop 50).

Work, work, work, AND coffee time!

10:00AM:  Morning Snack - grapes and a Fiber One, vanilla yogurt cup

11:45AM:  Lunch - leftover baked chicken breast from last night's dinner, carrots, 6 Pepperidge Farm whole wheat crackers with a small triangle of Laughing Cow low fat cheese (original flavor), one piece of dark chocolate

12:00PM:  MAD DASH to do the grocery shopping.  I LOVE FOOD!

1:00PM:  One potato chip from Galloway Grill that I took from Brittany's lunch (she said I had to report it)

3:00PM:  Afternoon snack- 1 honeycrisp apple

6:00PM:  Dinner - easy, easy dinner because I'm going out tonight, and Carl is working late.  Side salad and a personal size Lean Cuisine pizza. A note:  I don't often eat frozen meals, even ones claiming to be healthier for you.  They usually contain loads of sodium.  But, I do keep a couple of these Lean Cuisine pizza's on hand for when I'm in a bind for lunch or dinner and need something quick.

In my salad:
- Baby Lettuce
- Mushrooms
- Dried Cranberries
- cucumbers
- Carrots
- low fat croutons (just a few)
- Feta cheese (couple crumbles)
- Dabble of low cal ranch dressing

Now it's time for THE SHOW!

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