Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frustrating Friday

Today was a frustrating day overall (work related), and I'm glad it's almost over!  YAY for the weekend!!!!

Vlad and I got up this morning at 4:45AM and hit the streets for our morning walk.  It was COLD!  I half-listened to an NPR Fresh Air podcast while I walked about Karl Rove's new book.  My mind was on all of the things I needed to get done today.  Vlad and I walked for 30 minutes.  He was happy. :)

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs, a whole wheat English muffin with Smart Balance spread, and a glass of OJ.  (Yes, I eat the same breakfast everyday!  It makes getting ready so much easier in the morning, and I just plain like eggs and English muffins.) :D

Ahhh, nothing like a new package of eggs!  Beautiful!

Here was breakfast...

I also packed my snacks for today.  I didn't pack a lunch, because Suzie and I were going to lunch together.
Snacks today were:  grapes and honeydew melon, Fiber 1 yogurt, an apple, Yogi tea, and a Kashi Roasted Almond Crunch Granola bar.

Lunch at Harmony Corner Cafe

Suzie and I met at lunch time, and walked over to the new downtown eatery, Harmony Corner Cafe.  We were so excited to have another lunch place in walking distance!  Harmony Cafe serves paninis, salads, soups, fruit, and lots of different pastries and baked goods.  They also have coffee, mixed coffee drinks, and a breakfast menu!  YUM! 

There are two sections for seating in the cafe:  one section at the front near the register and baked goods, and one in the back near the sound stage (yes, they're set up for bands).  Unfortunately, Suzie and I didn't get to sit in the front section today because it was full.  We sat in the back, where it ended up being kind of cold.  I'm sure that this wasn't the fault of the cafe.  The weather had just turned cold again today, and they probably hadn't had time to adjust the temperature.  At least, that's what I'm telling myself. :)

Back area of the cafe...

I tried taking pics of the menu, but there was a bad glare.

Suzie ordered a Hummus Panini with cottage cheese on the side, and I had the soup and salad combo.  Today's soup was mushroom barley.  Mmmmmmm!

Here's my soup and salad!  They were delicious!  You could tell the soup was homemade.  It wasn't salty at all, and tasted fresh.

My salad had all of the fixings I like, and normally have in my homemade salads:  spring mix lettuce, feta cheese, dried cranberries, carrots, etc.  I had pepper parmesan dressing on the side.

I would recommend going to this cafe!  I think Suzie and I will visit again soon.  I also got a medium coffee to go.  The coffee was perfect.  Another great coffee stop! :)

Home and Dinner

When I got home, I visited with Vlad for a little while, and then hit the blog templates.  I'm telling you, I've been working on this all night.  I am so ready to go to bed.  But, I wanted to make sure I got my blog in for today.  Dinner tonight was spaghetti with lean ground beef in the sauce...

Spaghetti Dinner:
- Prego Heart Smart
- Barilla Multigrain spaghetti noodles
- Lean ground beef (browned)
- Steamed Broccoli and Greenbeans
- Toasted whole wheat french bread pieces with Smart Balance spread


Okay, report done.  It's time to put today to bed.  Nighty night!

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