Saturday, March 20, 2010

Comments Q and A

I wanted to answer some of the questions in the comments section, and make my own comments on others...

Q:  From Mom (Sheila):  How is Elaine's exercise plan coming?

A:  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I haven't talked to Elaine at all this week.  Last I did speak with her, she was doing well on the eating portion of the plan, but still struggling with the exercise part - finding the time in her schedule....  It's a big transition though to go through with moving toward a healthy lifestyle.  It will take time.

Q:  From Brittany:  What is the difference between regular OJ, like Simply Orange, and Trop 50?  (This question was in an email.)

A:  The angle with Trop 50 is that it's designed to have less calories than regular orange juice - 50% less sugar and calories.  For example, Trop 50 has 10g of sugars and 50 calories per serving which is 8 fl. oz.  Regular orange juice in general has 22g of sugars and 110 calories per the same serving size.  Trop 50 is not as thick as regular orange juice either, which I happen to like.  The main ingredient is water.  Either one is just fine to drink, but one thing you want to watch while dieting is your intake of sugar.  Juice drinks have a lot of sugar, and it's best to either steer clear of them all together, or drink in moderation if you can control yourself.  I drink Trop 50 because I don't have to worry about all those sugars, and can still have some OJ. :)

Comment:  Kim mentioned that she recently bought some Chobani greek yogurt (blueberry and strawberry).  What did you think Kim???

Comment:  Mom, glad you liked the water bottle.  I knew you would like the orange one!  Love you! :D

Thanks for the great comments everyone!  I love them!!!  Keep them coming!

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