Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Rain of the Year

Well, Spring must officially be on the way, because we had our first rain today.  I walked outside at 5PM to head home from work, and it was raining cats and dogs.  I hope this means no more snow, though I do think mother nature will sneak one more wet, sloppy snow in just for good measure.  For Wisconsin standards, we've had a fairly mild winter.

Today was just as busy as yesterday, and the rest of the days this week are promising to be just as crazy.  But, better to have work to do I guess!  Job security!

I started off this morning by getting to sleep until 5:30AM.  It was dreamy.  I didn't have to walk Vlad, didn't have to work out, and didn't have to drive to Wausau this morning.  It was nice to get up, walk straight to the coffee pot, then straight into a nice, warm shower.

Breakfast this morning was the usual:  scrambled eggs, whole wheat english muffin with Smart Balance spread, and a small glass of OJ - Trop 50

I plowed through the morning, and then had my 10AM snack which was a banana and a Fiber One vanilla yogurt.  I think my banana was a bit too ripe, but oh well.

Me going crazy at work.  The smile is fake!

Even though I was swamped, I kept my lunch date today with my friend Laura.  We headed across the Chippewa River to the Grand Avenue Cafe - one of my favorite little restaurants.  There are about 12 tables in this little cafe so you have to get to lunch early.  The food is really delicious.  I especially like their breakfast items, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their quiche.

Today, I had their black olive and mushroom quiche, that came with whole wheat bread and blackberry preserves.  And, I also had a side salad that had lettuce, cucumbers, pumpernickel croutons, mushrooms and tomatoes.  I put a little ranch dressing on top - not too much. 


Laura also had quiche, but she had the turkey and bacon quiche.  I promised her I wouldn't take a picture of her or her food.  (He, he!)  We had a nice lunch and a nice chat.  I really needed to get away from the office, and focus on something else.  Great lunch!  I also got a coffee to go!

I snacked on an apple later in the afternoon, while working on a big project for the firm historian committee.

When I got home, I snacked on a handful of peanuts before hitting the treadmill.  I got better sleep last night than the night before, so I was a little more on the ball with my workout this evening.  I did 40 minutes run/walk on the treadmill, and 10 minutes of strength training.  I REALLY needed it to.  It felt so great to release the tension of the day.  I LOVE TO RUN!  I logged 3.50 miles, and burned 450 calories.

Tonight I was flying solo for dinner because Carl had karate class.  I made roasted chicken breasts (one of which I'll take in my lunch tomorrow), couscous, and steamed green beans with almond slivers.  I also sauteed up the rest of my mushrooms and put them on top of my chicken.  Dinner was great!

After cleaning the kitchen, I rewarded myself with one of my chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies I made last night.

Now time to play with Vlad a little and wind down with a cup of green tea.  Ahhhhhh.

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