Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tune Down


So before I left work today I checked on the status of the Girl Scout cookies I brought for everyone to enjoy (and for me to be rid of).. :D  THEY WERE ALL GONE!  Even the PLATE was gone!  WOW!


I was famished when I got home.  There was no way I was going to be able to work out with no fuel.  I ate a banana and a handful of peanuts before I hit the treadmill.  Sadly, my other Ghost Whisperer disc has not arrived yet from Netflix.  I tried to find another DVD to enjoy, but I wasn't in the mood for anything else.  I decided to use the ipod today, and listen to some running tunes.  I have a "running" playlist that I add songs to every now and then.  Today's workout was a 40 minute run/walk, and I really hit it hard again running at 6.8 mph.  When I listen to my running tunes, it's easy to pump out a good run.  I like loud, fast music when I run. 

Here's what popped up on my playlist as I was running:
~ I Stand Alone, Godsmack
~ My Hero, Foo Fighters
~ One Step Closer, Linkin Park
~ Stupified, Disturbed
~ Everlong, Foo Fighters
~ Hey Leonardo, Blessed Union of Souls
~ Rhythm is a Dancer, Snap! (heh,heh, that's an oldie)
~ I Gotta Feelin, Black Eyed Peas
~ Sad But True, Metallica
~ Awake, Godsmack
~ Bootylicious, Destiny's Child
~ Shimmer, Fuel

Workout felt great today!  I also did some strength training exercises.


Carl's at karate class tonight, and I really just didn't feel like making up a whole dinner.  Instead, I decided on one of my old standbys... egg salad sandwich.  YUM!

I boiled enough eggs for two sandwiches.  I figured I would bring one for lunch tomorrow too.

Once the eggs came to a boil, I boiled them for 10 minutes, then took them off of the heat.  I drained the hot water, and poured cold water over the hard boiled eggs to cool them.  Then, I peeled them, and diced them.

I haven't used mayo in a very long time.  I had some Hellmann's Light Mayo in the fridge.  I used about two tablespoons in the eggs to mix.

I also added some black pepper, and mixed everything up.

I put about half of the egg salad on a toasted Arnold's Sandwich Thin.

I also steamed some green beans to have on the side.  Good dinner - nice and simple. :)

Time to play with the pup now, and maybe read a little.  See you tomorrow!

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