Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Bear of a Day

Sorry no posts yesterday, but it was a bear of a day.  Work was really busy.  I had three people visiting our office from the Wausau office, and I was being pulled in several different directions.  Plus I had a really long business meeting over lunch.  I'm glad yesterday is over.  I didn't even take any pics of my food!  But, I will give you a recap.

Wednesday, March 3 RECAP

5:00AM:  30 minute walk with Vlad - COLD, COLD, COLD!

7:00AM:  Breakfast - scrambled eggs, 1 piece whole wheat toast with smart balance spread, and a small glass of almond milk (always hits the spot)


10:00AM:  Morning Snack - 1 banana, 1 Fiber One vanilla yogurt cup, and a handful of grapes

12:30PM:  Lunch Meeting - We had lunch at Acoustic Cafe, right down the block from my office.  I had 1/3 ham sandwich on multigrain bread, no mayo, and a side salad with a touch of raspberry walnut vinegarette dressing.  For my drink, I had a large unsweetened iced tea. (A much healthier lunch than Monday's fiasco.)

3:00PM:  Afternoon Snack - 1 honeycrisp apple

5:15PM:  Pre Workout Snack - a handful of unsalted peanuts

5:30PM:  WORKOUT - 40 minute treadmill run/walk routine, but today I only ran 20 minutes and walked 20, instead of running 25 minutes and walking 15.  Plus I did 10 minutes of resistance training.  I continued to watch the BBC version of Bleak House.  I'm finally on the third disk - yes, there are three disks.  I think it was a mini-series when it aired on TV.  It's really long, and the book is really long too.  Took me several months to read it.  Great book AND the movie is turning out to be great too.  It really follows the book pretty closely.

After my workout, I prepped some dinner.  Last night we had roasted, boneless chicken breasts, baked potato hashbrowns, and veggies.

For the baked potato hash browns, I cut up two medium baking potatos (found in the produce section in the grocery store) into medium, diced pieces; tossed them in seasonings and extra virgin olive oil, and baked them on a baking sheet in the oven for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.  They are SO yummy!

I quickly cleaned up after dinner, and got ready to watch the season premier of GHOST HUNTERS!!!!! 

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Kim said...

Apparently I'm starting today off on the wrong foot, as the title of this post is "A Bear of a Day" and I totally thought it said "BEER of the Day" and I was suddenly very thirsty.

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